Removable dentures, whether partial or complete, serve as prosthetic devices to replace missing teeth and restore oral function and aesthetics.Partial dentures are recommended when some natural teeth remain, while complete dentures replace all teeth in either the upper or lower arch. Indications for removable dentures include replacing missing teeth when other fixed solutions are not possible.

Dentures offer improved chewing ability, speech, and appearance and helps restore oral function and enhance quality of life for individuals with missing teeth when implants are not an option.

What to expect

First visit

Consultation and Primary Impression.

Second visit

Final Impression with teeth preparation if needed.

Third visit

Bite Registration.

Fourth visit

Try-in of teeth in wax to confirm that size, shape and color of artificial teeth are acceptable.

Fifth visit

Delivery of Final Denture and Adjustments if needed.


Cast Removable Partial Dentures

Cast removable partial dentures are a cost-effective solution to replace missing teeth, particularly when several teeth are absent but some natural teeth remain.

Indications for this type of denture include cases where dental implants or fixed bridges are not suitable or desired. The procedure involves taking impressions of the mouth to create a custom cast framework that fits securely around the remaining natural teeth. Artificial teeth are then attached to the framework, matching the color and shape of the existing teeth for a natural appearance. Once fabricated, the denture is inserted into the mouth and adjusted as needed for comfort and functionality.

Acrylic Removable Partial Dentures

Acrylic removable partial dentures, also known as flippers, serve as temporary solutions to replace missing teeth until a more permanent option, such as a fixed bridge, implant, or cast removable partial denture, is pursued.

These prosthetic devices are lightweight and made of acrylic material, providing a quick and cost-effective solution for restoring aesthetics and function. While not intended for long-term use, flippers offer a transitional option to maintain oral function and appearance until a more permanent treatment plan can be completed.

Removable Complete Dentures

Removable complete dentures are a common solution for replacing missing teeth in completely edentulous patients, restoring both function and aesthetics.

The process begins with taking impressions of the patient’s mouth to create custom-fitted dentures that mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gums. Once fabricated, the dentures are inserted and adjusted as needed to ensure proper fit and comfort.

While complete dentures provide an effective solution for edentulous patients, it’s important to note that they may require periodic adjustments and maintenance for optimal function and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions