Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges serve as essential restorative treatments where crowns are used to protect and strengthen weakened or damaged teeth, while bridges replace missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth between adjacent natural ones.

Getting these treatments done by a prosthodontist, a specialist in restorative dentistry like Dr. Saraa, ensures expert care in designing and placing the restorations. Prosthodontists possess advanced training and skills in crown and bridge dentistry, offering patients the advantage of tailored cost effective solutions for optimal function and aesthetics.

What to expect

First visit

Comprehensive exam or limited exam specific to one concern to decide the type of crown or bridge. If it’s an urgent issue, the treatment can be arranged to start on the same day.

Second visit

Crown / Bridge teeth preparation, impression and temporization by a chairside temporary Crown or Bridge.

Third visit

Crown / Bridge delivery, bite adjustments if needed and final cementation.



Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments recommended for various dental issues, including extensive decay, fractures, or weakened teeth after root canal treatment or trauma.

These crowns can be crafted from different materials such as Porcelain, Zirconia or less commonly Metal, or a combination of two materials. The procedure usually involves two appointments, the first visit includes removing the damaged portion of the tooth, shaping it, taking an impression and placing a custom-made temporary restoration until we get the final crown back from the lab when we see the patient for final delivery to restore strength and appearance of damaged teeth.

Seeking this treatment from our prosthodontist Dr. Saraa, a specialist in dental crowns, brings advanced training and skill to the process by providing patients with precisely tailored solutions in terms of crown’s material and design to enhance function, aesthetics and long-term durability.


Dental bridges serve as effective solutions for replacing one or more missing teeth due to extraction or congenital conditions.

They are commonly made from different materials like Zirconia for a natural look and durability, Porcelain for the most natural results or less commonly porcelain fused to metal in some cases. The procedure involves preparing the adjacent teeth, taking impressions, and placing a temporary bridge until the custom-crafted final bridge is ready for delivery.

Opting for a prosthodontist, a specialist in dental bridges like Dr. Saraa, ensures a high level of expertise in bridge design and placement. Prosthodontists offer the advantage of meticulous treatment planning, precise fabrication, and optimal material and shade selection, delivering patients a well-fitted and aesthetically pleasing dental bridge.

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